Misuzu Nakamura (Pianist)

April 21, bornTaurus


My name is Misuzu Nakamura.
My hometown is Saito city in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan, with myths and ancient tombs, it is a very nice place.

I began playing the piano at the age of 4, and composing with a wish: “I want to smile as many people as possible around the world!”

Misuzu Nakamura’s first album released in June 2015, completely original “Kosumo (heart and universe)”!

I have appeared in various media such as variety show, economic program, radio personality, magazine, etc. I am active in multiple fields, mainly on music work.
Also active in overseas performances such as cultural exchange with Vietnam!

YouTube★天空★中村美朱々衣装提供 ALGON QUINS